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This site is an on-line CV, a place where you can get to know me and more about what I do, want to do, can do, how I can help you.  Overachiever that I am, I have bios focused on various topics.  Click on the Links in the Menu to learn more about each of these hats I wear.

Thinking Partner

I am, first and foremost, in everything I do, a thinking partner.  When I work with a client, I am working on integrating the client’s values and goals with the creativity and innovation of the new ways of practicing law.  I’ve been around the world and I’ve seen hundreds of ways lawyers have redesigned their law firms and practices.  I’ve showcased leaders in a dozen different approaches which I believe are part of a transformative movement in law. I’ve applied those in my work, co-creating legal practices and lawyers’ lives to be productive and fun.

Coach & Consultant

Law: I coach lawyers who are serious about integrating their values, lives, and careers. Some are building new paradigm law firms.  Some are in transition to new positions or figuring out what path to take.

I consult with court systems, law firms and other legal practitioners, about how to integrate innovation into their institutions and organizations, to manage change, and address objections.  I sometimes help law professors design courses which integrate these ideas, too. 

Conscious Business: I help companies align their legal documents with their purpose and visions.  I work at the intersection of organizational development and legal consulting.

Media: I write articles and I’m interviewed a lot. I’ve been involved in several RevisedKimCatalogdocumentary projects.  For example, I worked on a restorative justice documentary for the Arts and Entertainment Network.  I advised the producers and was on-the-ground in screening cases, meeting with families of murder victims and those incarcerated for the murders. I worked on prison policies for RJ and for filming inside.  

Speaker & Trainer 

I speak at bar associations, law societies, law schools, universities, private gatherings and even an occasional club or church function.  I train groups of lawyers and law students in many topics.  Some representative ones are listed in the Catalog section, as well as the green menu across the top of the site.

Lawyer & Mediator

I’ve been licensed as a lawyer since 1989; since 1994 in North Carolina, the only state where I still have an active license. Early in my legal career, I learned about mediation (then a new concept in our community), collaborative law (a new concept just about everywhere at that time), restorative justice, therapeutic jurisprudence and holistic law.   I pushed the envelope in finding a way to ethically work in multidisciplinary teams and to have an office with counselors, social workers and legal staff.  My law practice became my laboratory for learning and applying new ideas and models.  I only occasionally practice law these days, mostly preferring the role of consultant, coach, or legal counselor for women going through contentious divorces.


 I am the author of the ABA best-selling book, Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law [ABA Publishing, April, 2010].  

My second book, tentatively entitled Lawyers as Changemakers, The Emerging International Integrative Law Movement, is scheduled for release in  2016.  I also write articles, guest blogs, and many, many to-do lists.

Adjunct Professor & Legal Educator

I’ve been a guest lecturer at more law schools than I can count. Periodically, I will teach a whole course.  I’ve taught college level Mediation and ADR, Restorative Justice, and Business Law.    I have taught Integrative Law at Charlotte Law School and Values-Based Contracts, Negotiating and Drafting at Barry University’s Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law .    I was on the planning committee of the Lawyers as Peacemakers annual conferences at Phoenix School of Law (now known as Arizona Summit Law).

For several years, I have served on the executive committee of the ABA Legal Education and Practical Problem-Solving Task Force.  I developed their website and have been on panels to speak of the task force’s work to legal educators.

Systems Change Iceberg- LegalConnector: Discovering Partners, Generating Community & Connecting for Results

There is a lot about our current legal system that is broken or could be improved. There are people working in those areas of reform. My own attention is turned toward those who are building a system that works for all beings, one that is based on the evolving consciousness. I am interested in shaping the law firms and legal systems of tomorrow, working with trailblazers and pioneers who are courageously moving law forward.

If we seek peace and community in the world, strangely enough, lawyers will lead us there, specifically through the restorative framework and movement.    –Peter Block

I spend much of my time on finding those who are the harbingers of the new, emerging future of law.  I stay in touch with Earth Lawyers, Sharing Lawyers, and dozens of other kinds of innovators who are passionately solving the problems of the day and joyously working to move us all forward.  I support, connect, and showcase the work of the paradigm-shifters. I help to language and highlight what is going on in the new system, and I liaison with our kindred spirits in other disciplines: conscious business. abundant communities, organizational development, consciousness, etc.

Convenor, Evolutionary & Possibilitarianvision mission values

I am intrigued by societal transformation and my work often serves as a laboratory for applying the ideas.  I am a student of many societal and organizational models for grounding transformation in groups. I am a fan of the Berkana Institute models.  I have studied Appreciative Inquiry for more than 10 years.  I’m certified in Spiral Dynamics I and II and a graduate of the TheoryU U-Lab course, Transforming Business, Society, and Self.   I am a senior graduate of  Landmark Education programs,  with more than 1,000 hours of transformational education, including the Wisdom Curriculum through Power and Contribution. I have been a participant-speaker at the Conference for Global Transformation several times.

LCMLogoI regularly convene gatherings of leaders with specific interests.   I’ve hosted two US summits of integrative lawyers from a broad spectrum of practice areas and often gather integrative lawyers in national meetings elsewhere.

I’m a resource for the movement.  My websites, listed in the footer below, provide inspiration and information about the integrative law movement.

Around the World Tickets and Long Term Travel PlannerTraveler

I have been traveling full-time since  2008, interviewing the leaders in the movement and documenting their work.

(About being Location Independent)

In September through November of 2015, I will be in the Western US, North Carolina, the Netherlands, South Africa, India, Australia, and New York.  See Upcoming Events.


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