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Photo from Omega Institute, July, 2014

J. Kim Wright, is the publisher of Cutting Edge Law and author of Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law (an American Bar Association flagship book and best-seller).  She is a global citizen, traveling all over the world.  She practices and teaches, coaches, speaks and writes about the emerging movement of integrative law.  This site is the central point for links to her many projects.

2014 TRAVEL SCHEDULE: What I’m working on now

(About being Location Independent)

July, 2014:  US Northeast including Omega Institute

August, 2014:  California

August 28 – October 4:  Europe

Kim with HiiL,org's Corry van Zeeland and the Superhero robe.
Kim with HiiL,org’s Corry van Zeeland and the Superhero robe.

October 8 – 19:  Meetings and networking in South Africa

Kim and SAILA members in Cape Town, March, 2014.
Kim and SAILA members in Cape Town, March, 2014.


20 October – November 19:  Australia

As usual I am speaking on several topics, from the overview of the Integrative Law movement  to Conscious Contracts.

Kim spoke to QAILS in Brisbane recently.
Kim spoke to QAILS in Brisbane recently.

November 19:  Stopover in Honolulu

November 20 – November 23:  Los Angeles area

November 24 – January 31:  In Florida with family

February 1:   Deadline to have the draft of my next book to the American Bar Association


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Conscious Law:  Lawyers as Peacemakers   (Conscious Connection:  The Ultimate Lifestyle Magazine for Cultural Creatives).     

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Conscious Leadership: Transformational Approaches to Bringing About a Better Future  
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October, 2014:   HiiL Integrative Law Interview

January, 2014:

How to Get Divorced Without Starting a War  (recording and follow-up article)
The Money Show, Bruce Whitfield, Radio 702 Johannesburg, South Africa

December, 2013

The Abundant Community, Conversation with John McKnight and Peter Block: Integrative Law — A Legal System That Builds Relationships   Recording 

July, 2013

Integrative Law presentation at The Ideas Hub, Chelmsford, England.  (Videotaped)




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