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2014 TRAVEL SCHEDULE: What I’m working on now

(About being Location Independent)

June:  Based in Taos, New Mexico (side trip to Colorado in mid-June)

July 4-6:  On faculty of Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

July:  Various events being scheduled on US East Coast, then returning to Taos, New Mexico.

Mid-August:  San Francisco, West Coast

September 3 – October 4:  Europe

October 17:  UNISA, Institute for Dispute Resolution in Africa, Integrative Law Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

October 20 – November 16:  Australia

November 20 – December 31:  In Florida with family


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J. Kim Wright, is Publisher of Cutting Edge Law, author of Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law, coach, consultant, legal changemaker, and world traveler.

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January, 2014:

How to Get Divorced Without Starting a War  (recording and follow-up article)
The Money Show, Bruce Whitfield, Radio 702 Johannesburg, South Africa

December, 2013

The Abundant Community, Conversation with John McKnight and Peter Block: Integrative Law — A Legal System That Builds Relationships   Recording 

July, 2013

Integrative Law presentation at The Ideas Hub, Chelmsford, England.  (Videotaped)



A lawyer, servant leader and independent scholar on a global tour to inspire transformation in law