Topics & Presentations: Kim’s Catalog

Kim sitting at computer teachingI have been teaching and leading workshops for almost thirty years.  I’ve taught topics ranging from domestic violence advocacy to neuroscience, design-thinking to substantive law, diversity to emotional intelligence, and many well-being focused programs. I love learning and I enjoy taking what I’ve learned and sharing it. At one point, I counted 35 distinct topics in my repertoire.

Right after law school, I was the Executive Director of the Sexual and Physical Resource Center and trained law enforcement, victim advocates, probation officers, and other community groups on the dynamics of domestic violence. For several years, I focused on training in Mediation SkillsCollaborative Practice , and Restorative Justice, including teaching Restorative Justice at Warren Wilson College as an adjunct professor and Mediation for South College’s 4-year paralegal program. Twice, I taught Business Law for social entrepreneurs and I’ve continued to write and teach new business owners. I’ve done Basic & Advanced Collaborative Practice trainings in several places, including the US, Spain, and South Africa.

I pride myself on tailoring each presentation to the audience and I can integrate skills from one discipline with topics in another. For example, I combined domestic violence and mediation in a training for a law school group in India where the rate of domestic violence is very high and divorce rates are very low.

I am culturally sensitive and I try to do my homework. For example, I find local images and examples, and investigate relevant precedents.  My presentations and materials were translated into French in Nice and into Spanish in Basque Country. I collaborate with locals to find inadvertent controversies in images and translations. I seek out local service-providers for referrals. I really try to match the presentation to the needs and culture of the audience.  Thanks to the influence of some great trainers, I often incorporate experiential games and fun exercises from other disciplines.

In the last few years, these have been my most dynamic offerings.

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Lawyers as Changemakers: An Introduction to Integrative Law

Conscious (Values-Based) Contracts

Healthy Responses to Stress and Time Management

Spiral Dynamics: Evolutionary Values for Legal Practitioners

Leadership Intensives

Other Topics & Building Blocks

I am an informed generalist on a number of topics. If you want an something that is deeper than my experience, I can make such recommendations.  But, if you’re looking for a good overview of the movement, I can introduce a cornucopia of topics.

  • Leadership for Lawyers – I’m a recognized “conscious business leader” and leadership was a topic in both my books.
  • Communication Skills – A survey which includes topics such as Non-violent communication, Powerful Non-Defensive Communication, Relational Practices.
  • Coach Training for Lawyers – I’ve been a coach since 1991.

Comments from Participants

Kim has a broad and deep view of the new space in which lawyers work. In fact, she can take a lot of credit for the changes in legal practice. Kim connects the dots across the globe, and is ever erudite, wise and generous in her work, as anyone who cares to read Lawyers as Peacemakers or Lawyers as Changemakers will know. I regard myself as her number 1 Australian ticket holder!  – Marguerite Picard, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia