Conscious Contracts for Conscious Businesses

picture of Integrative Law Elephant and Conscious Contracts Workshop

Are your legal documents as conscious as your company?

Modern businesses spend a lot of their development budgets on creating purpose/vision, missions, and values statements as part of their business plans and models.  Then, most completely ignore these important structural foundations in drafting their legal contracts.

Kim Wright is one of the pioneers and global experts in Conscious Contracts. (The link provides a lot of articles and other information about the model.)

Working with your legal and development staff, Kim will help you retrain the lawyers to align all the documents with your important values, to honor your integrity and align your company with your true purpose and values.


Conscious contracts are all about giving clients tools they can use to build strong relationships based on shared vision, mission, and values.  By focusing on these issues at the start of a contractual relationship, the conscious contract gives the parties a framework to successfully manage the bumps in the road that will inevitably arise in any relationship.  Today’s business owners are becoming more and more aware of the place their business occupies in a larger system, so they understand the importance of having strong mutually beneficial relationships with all their stakeholders.  These business owners need lawyers who will collaborate with them on developing that vital network.  I can’t think of a better tool to give to a client in operating their business than conscious contracts and I can’t think of a better person to learn about conscious contracts from than the global pioneer of integrative law, J Kim Wright.  –Glenn Meier, Business Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Legal Consulting

I accept a few clients for legal consulting each year and I make referrals for many more.  When working as a consultant, I can help you find a lawyer who will honor your values-based approach or train an existing lawyer. I will partner with you and your local counsel and we will co-create a document that is understandable to everyone involved, a contract that reflects the important values that underlie the terms, and is the foundation of a relationship that is flexible and sustainable over time.   This model reflects the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) business world.

To inquire about Conscious Contracts® services, please email me at jkimwright <@> to set up a no-commitment conversation.

Workshop: Conscious Law for Conscious Business

Participants:  Business people, particularly those interested in conscious business

Past offerings:  This is the business version of my Conscious Contracts workshop.  I have led the program to mixed groups of entrepreneurs and lawyers.

Time:  This can be a one-hour talk or a half-day workshop for businesses.  A one to two day workshop for lawyers.