Honoring Conflict as an Opportunity for Transformation

Participants:   General Audiences.  Especially good training for mediators and lawyers.

Past Offerings:  I first offered this program in 2003 for the National Association of Social Workers (US) and have included it as a segment in many programs since then.  Audiences have been as diverse as a group of childcare workers in Kinston, North Carolina for Americorps and a law school class at Charlotte Law.

Time:   3-4 hours, depending on size of group and depth of conversation.

Content:  Often, our first reaction to conflict is to recoil.  We may avoid it, accommodate it or immediately compromise.  Some people become confrontational.  Some are natural collaborators.

In this workshop, we encounter our default conflict styles, explore all of the other approaches, and learn to be flexible in how we address conflict, using the right response at the right time.  We also discover how conflict can be a transformational opportunity that deepens relationships and ourselves.

Understanding the responses we and others have to conflict can help us engage with less stress.  We can be better at conflict resolution in our private and professional lives.