Lawyers as Changemakers

Alternate Titles: Integrative Law: United Parts of a Whole, Changing the Story of Law, Evolutionary Lawyering, The 21st Century Lawyer, Humanizing Legal Education and Practice.

Examples of recent programs:

In Amsterdam, NL 2017:

In Portland, Oregon, US 2017: (link expired)


Participants:  General Public (one-hour program), Social Justice, Integral, Law Students, Legal Educators, Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, Advocates, Judges, Mediators, Social Entrepreneurs

Past offerings:  I have presented variations of this talk in hundreds of venues.

Time:  This topic can be introduced in a one-hour discussion or can be a three-day workshop.  The one-hour overview covers the basic ideas and allows for discussion, questions, and feedback. Longer programs are for lawyers and include skills and practice in a deeper coverage of the topics.

Content: Based upon Kim’s ABA books, this segment focuses on the inspiring peacemaking, problem-solving, and preventive practices and models that are changing the face of the practice of law.

University of Hasselt poster for Advocaten als vredestichtersThis workshop is designed for Lawyers who need and want to develop their understanding of the global Integrative Law Movement and are ready to begin a personal journey to bring their full selves to the legal profession.  It’s an opportunity for intense and rapid development.  Lawyers become leaders because they can personally hold the authority and responsibility of leadership and influence powerfully, but ethically.

The program works on the external level: covering worldwide changes to legal practice and new practice areas, as well as the internal level:  beginning a personal growth journey for each of the delegates who takes part in the program. Lawyers don’t only need to hear about the latest and greatest developments in the Integrative Law Movement, they need to learn about their existing competence and grow their own practical ability.Screenshot of MELCA