The Legal Connector: Discovering Partners, Generating Community & Connecting for Results

Tipping-Point“Connectors are the rare people who have incredibly widespread “social networks.” They are often successful businessmen or politicians, and play an integral role in the spread of ideas. With their wide reaching group of friends and acquaintances, connectors can spread a message rapidly to a receptive audience.”

“A maven (originally a Yiddish word) is a connoisseur or expert in a subject. Mavens yearn to share their knowledge, but more importantly, feel a need to learn more about a subject. A maven might be a fashion-forward teenager or a technological wizard. In fact, a maven can be literally anyone with a deep understanding of any given field. What makes mavens so effective is not their persuasiveness (that falls under the real of the salesmen), but their overpowering understanding of a subject.”

From:  Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping Point, Wiki

Kim is both a Connector and a Maven for Integrative Law.  She has a broad knowledge of many topics in the law, having practiced law applying many of the ideas she talks about, plus her world travels have introduced her to the way that others practice integratively.

If she doesn’t know everyone, it isn’t her fault.  She’s been “collecting integrative lawyers” for twenty years and the movement has grown fast enough that she sometimes just can’t keep up.Malcolm-Gladwell

Kim has a worldwide network.  So far, she has traveled to South Africa, Western Europe, India, Australia, Canada and 48 US States. She has built Internet relationships all over the world.  There isn’t anyone in the world with a better overview of what is going on in this movement.

When people ask Kim what she does, she sometimes jokes that she drinks a lot of coffee and tea.  By that, she means that she meets a lot of people, listens to their stories, their passions, their dreams, and, when she has thoroughly gotten them, connects them with their kindred lawyers.  Kim believes that community gives us courage and that the best way to grow this movement is to connect the innovators and early adopters and let them take it from there. She is most passionate about this part of her work, the community-building and connecting.