Media and Contact

Media Consulting:

Kim has consulted to help in development of several stories for the media, including several documentary programs, such as the A&E restorative justice series, Confrontation.  See her Media Consulting Resume here.


Kim has been interviewed for legal journals, newspapers, television shows, podcasts, books, and blog posts. See Kim in the Media.

Source for HARO:

J. Kim Wright has been a subscriber (both source and reporter) to Help a Reporter Out since 2008.  As a member of HARO, and as part of her promotion of the integrative law movement,  Kim scans several emails each day, with pitches looking for sources and experts.  Of course, not all the pitches are for legal topics.  They cover the gamut.  Wishing to be helpful, she answers the calls that are a fit, even if they’re not related to law. As a result of answering these requests, she has been interviewed about dozens of topics.

Sometimes the requests lead to articles that she writes.  For example, this one which I wrote about contracts. Some articles are detail or location-specific:  looking for a parent of a teenager to weigh in about tattoos; camping advice  full-time travelsomeone to talk about benefits of massage from client perspective. Some are for major media and some are for blogs with only a few readers.
Often she just serves as a match-maker and refers the postings on to someone else.  They can choose to answer it or not.

For more about HARO, see this article in the Lawyerist.