Organizational Development

This is a supplement to my other bios.  I’ve always been a student of Organizational Development and have applied training and knowledge in various leadership positions.


Spiral Dynamics Integral I and II  (Adizes Institute with Don Beck)

edX Honor Code Certificate for U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self (Theory U)

OD & Community-Building Related Training & Activities:

Becoming a Changemaker:  Introduction to Social Innovation, completed with honors, September, 2016

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self.  Otto Scharmer, MIT & Presencing Institute. 2014

International Summit Conference on Compassionate Organizations.  Conference.  Louisville, KY.  2013

Connecting4Community.  Peter Block and Harrison Owen, among others.  2013
(Guest speaker on The Abundant Community, Conversation with John McKnight and Peter Block: Integrative Law — A Legal System That Builds Relationships.  Recording.)

Realising Human Potential, Annual Conference of Barrett Values Centre, Cape Town, South Africa. 2012  (Was also a speaker at this event)

Kindling Group Magic by Sallie Lee and Joan Shaffer. 2007

Sustaining Collaboration by Sallie Lee and Cheri Torres. 2007

Sacred Activism Community Conference with Andrew Harvey and Jim Garrison.  Asheville, NC. 2007. (Local facilitator of AI and Open Space processes.)

Appreciative Inquiry by Sallie Lee, Shared Sun Studio, 2007.

Non-Violent Communication I, II, and III. Some courses in Oregon (2002) with Marshall Rosenberg, others with Jerry Donoghue.  Asheville, NC. 2006-07

Landmark Education (over 1,000 contact hours). Courses on leadership, personal and cultural transformation. 1991-2003

Founder and board member of organizations including:

The Renaissance Lawyer Society

Restorative Justice Information and Resource Center (Collaborative Law Association of Western North Carolina)

Asheville Holistic Lawyers

Task Force on Diversity, Inclusivity, Accessibility (an IACP task force)

[Past] Board Member

International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers

ABA Legal Education ADR, Practical Problem-Solving Task Force

All Souls Community Counseling Center

The Carolina Institute For Conflict Resolution & Creative Leadership

Various domestic violence organizations since 1989

Director/Associate Director:

Sexual and Physical Abuse Resource Center, Gainesville, FL

Victim-Offender Reconciliation Information and Resource Center