Teaching and Legal Education

Externship Supervisor

Shoshanna Silverberg:  Leadership externship with many aspects, including leading a team of page editors, blogging, writing and research.

Jacqueline Horani:  A summer project, research and writing on governance in intentional communities.

Other supervision:  a student in Appreciative Inquiry independent study; a paralegal student in ADR; and a graduate student teaching values-based contracts.

Adjunct Professor of Law

Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law: Barry University, Spring, 2016.
Values-Based Contract Negotiation and Drafting.

Charlotte School of Law, Summer, 2012:

Dozens of Guest Lectures and Presentations at Law Schools and Universities in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Projects in Legal Education

Executive Committee, American Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Task Force on Legal Education ADR & Problem-Solving (LEAPS)

The LEAPS Task Force has the goal of integrating more dispute resolution and problem-solving skills into the law school curriculum. Our primary project this year is the creation of a web site where educational tools, processes, exercises, simulations, cases, ideas and resources can be shared among the community.  The site applies research from Best Practices, the Carnegie Report and the MacCrate Report, expanding the concept of ADR to include practical lawyering skills. As (apparently) the most technically adept member of the task force, I am building the web site that will showcase the materials. Collecting and categorizing this information requires my interaction with all the subcommittees and places me on the working executive committee.

Humanizing Legal Education

For ten years, Humanizing Legal Education was a loosely organized group and listserv created by Larry Krieger. Focused on the quality of life issues for law students and lawyers, the Listserv has been a forum for sharing resources and research. There are over 200 members of the list, representing a majority of ABA accredited law schools. This Humanizing Legal Education group was the organizing force of the recently formalized Balance in Legal Education section of AALS, has a newsletter (Equipoise edited by Amy Bushaw) and has been putting on programs at AALS for at least 10 years. I have been a member and contributor since its inception.

Internship Supervisor

As Managing Attorney of Divorce and Family Law Center in North Carolina, each year I supervised several interns from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill including legal interns, joint degree interns from Social Work and Law, and a Social Work intern from UNC-Greensboro.  1995-2000

Adjunct College Professor

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC Fall 2007 to Spring, 2008

  • Taught two semesters of Restorative Justice and one of Business Law, using experiential learning approaches.
  • Supervised student independent study in applying Appreciative Inquiry and Restorative Justice to campus issues.
  • Consistently high feedback from student course evaluations – >3.75/4.0 scale.
  • Student projects have been integrated into campus policies and I was asked to train Student Services Staff and became personally involved in various campus task forces addressing substance use, retention, and other campus issues.

South College, Asheville, NC    2007-2008

  • In Paralegal Studies, Bachelors Program, taught two semesters of Mediation and ADR.

Alamance Community College, Graham, NC 1995

  • Taught Business Law