The J. Kim Wright Experience: What Others Say About Kim

I had difficulty maintaining two personas–one at home and one at work. It took only a phone consultation with Kim for me to realize that things could be better. Kim is different from others I have worked with. Her energy is endless. She shares connections with people to the benefit of both parties. She always makes me smile and laugh. She is candid and honest and has a wealth of knowledge that no other person has as to alternative legal practices. She is a true motivator. -Katherine R. Bachelder, Fairbanks AK
At the immediate outset, Kim put me at ease in speaking with her about the issues that I wanted to gain focus on in my life. She helped me through some of the biggest growing pains in my professional career by giving me a fresh perspective that honored who I was while supporting me along my journey. Most importantly, she reflected my truest needs and desires and helped me to navigate decision-making from that place. -Ngoc H. Nguyen Weiner, New York, NY
The Kim experience is the experience of attuning to the energy of a person who consistently consults and trusts her intuitive guidance. She models the way. She inspired me to look out with curiosity and to look for opportunities to practice embodying my values rather than to wait for someone else to do it. The results? I am daring more, to show myself, to ask for what I want. I feel more alive. -Annabelle Berrios, San Francisco, CA
The contacts I made through Kim included collaborative law practitioners and social justice activists, including pioneering entrepreneurs in such areas as Sharing Law, Understanding-Based Mediation and Conscious Contracting. I have since started a monthly phone support group for lawyers interested in developing more collaborative and “cutting edge” practices. The group is small but continues to this day. We help each other proofreading and referrals. Recently, I wrote an introductory article about the field of Integrative Law that is being published in my local Bar Journal. I appreciate that Kim continues to support and advise me even though we now longer have a formal coaching relationship. I am, indeed, in a whole new place in my life because of Kim Wright. -Ken Haldenstein, New York, NY
The Kim Experience gives you a strong dose of three Cs – Connection, Creativity, and Consciousness. Connection- Kim opened her vast network to me. I was not alone after all. Creativity- Kim loves to help people with creating new approaches to our work. Consciousness – Kim will show you that you do not need to fit who you are into someone else’s idea of a lawyer. By doing this she helps us live authentically and in integrity with our true selves. -Glenn Meier, Las Vegas, NV


Several years ago, I was a burned-out, frustrated family lawyer. I was disillusioned with the court system and the damage it does to families that are already in distress. Fortunately, I met Kim and some time after that, Kim became my professional coach. Now, my family law practice is almost exclusively focused on collaborative law and mediation. I have not had a custody or divorce trial in years. I have become a collaborative law trainer and have made presentations about collaborative law internationally. I have a thriving solo practice and my personal ethics and values are perfectly aligned with my professional work. My life is in balance in a way that seemed impossible before I started working with Kim.

How did all this happen? Kim led me to the answers by her unwavering support, inspiration and a lot of humor. My inclination towards self-doubt disappeared as Kim first helped me dream and then helped me, step by step, to start living the dream. I still call on Kim from time to time for a “tune-up” when I need direction and inspiration.

If you want to undertake a transformational journey with the best possible guide, Kim is the person you are looking for. –Mariette Geldenhuys, Ithaca, New York. Founder, Ithaca Area Collaborative Law Professionals

This past year, after 10 years in the field, I sincerely began to question whether the practice of law was really for me. I felt disheartened, angry, helpless, and so deeply heartbroken at witnessing the way in which our immigration system harms our communities. I wondered whether my talents and spirit would be of better use in another profession or venue altogether. Through a series of fortunate events, I was connected to the coaching work of peacemaker, transformative lawyer, and fabulously warm, loving, and joyful Kim Wright. Best decision ever. Over six months, Kim helped me give new life and shape to the values and vision I had always held onto as my purpose in life and in the practice of law.

Here’s one thing that came out of our work together…My very own living document or touchstone statement that I have already come back to time and time again to stay true to my values and vision for how and who I want to be in the world.

“I envision a world where love and the wholeness of spirit are principles that inform how we walk and speak and act in our world. This vision includes a legal system that acknowledges and is in fact charged with dismantling systems that have oppressed, and acknowledges the wounds we collectively and individually hold as a result of oppression. I envision a world where each of us has meaningful access to healing and wholeness where individuals, organizations, and communities act in alignment with values of love, wholeness of spirit, respect, dignity, and compassion.
Mission : My life’s purpose and mission is to facilitate healing and wholeness by being a welcoming and loving presence in the world committed to 1) honoring and holding sacred people’s experiences with a focus on survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other oppression-based violence 2) drawing out and reflecting back individual and collective strengths and resilience 3) challenging oppression of our bodies and spirits by bringing voices of those that would otherwise remain unheard or ignored into the light in a loving but unapologetic demand to be heard and seen and 4) utilizing my knowledge and wisdom to offer individuals some measure of comfort or relief as they heal. – Hema Sarang-Sieminski

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