Upcoming Events


London events:
Conscious Contracts training in London:


There is an introduction to the workshop on 26 June, a free breakfast, led by my colleague, Rhiannon Thomas.  I’m not sure there is still space but here is the link to that:
There is also a different kind of event on the evening of 5 July:
The  5 July event is a Legal Changemakers’ Cafe, a gathering of kindred spirits.
From London, I go to the Netherlands for an event on July 10, hosted by Lawyers as Changemakers.

The following week, I will be back in Basque Country.  See this link for the public events:


Early August:  San Francisco Bay Area

Later in August, I will be in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Details are still developing.

September 24-26:  Austin, Texas

More to come.