Upcoming Events

Under Construction but here’s what I have confirmed.


13 -26 Colorado, New Mexico, and Idaho


14-20 Private retreat, Austin and Rockport, Texas

23 February:  Arrive in Spain. Presentations in Vitoria, Bilbao, Madrid.


7:  Fly from Madrid to Bordeaux

7-13:  Forrest Webb retreat, St. Cyprien, France

13 -16:  Amsterdam area

16 – 21:  Oxford, UK area

21:  Dinner in Brussels.  Email for details.

22:  Fly Paris to Orlando, FL USA.

27:  Fly Orlando to Dulles/DC.

28:  Lunch in Maryland.  Email for details.
Fly from BWI to Boston

29:  Speak at http://www.mslaw.edu/


3     Gathering at David Hoffman’s office.  6 -8 p.m

4:       LIFE IN LAW Harvard Law School

4-7:     ABA DR Conference in Washington DC

       7-11:  Philadelphia.  Speaking to classes at Penn and Drexel Law Schools.  Group dinner on 10 April.  Email for details.

12 – 13:  Quinnipiac-Yale Lecture Series and Lawyers as Changemakers workshop

15 – 16:  New York Area.  Dinner on 4/16.  Email for details.

17:  Fly to Dallas

20-22:  Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future in Dallas.


18-20:  Lawyers as Changemakers, A Gathering to Explore the Future of Law, Denver, CO.


Europe and United Kingdom

Relational Practices Task Force Telesummit



Also in 2018:  Toronto