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During the first half of 2017, Kim went around the world.  This schedule is for the second half of the year, plus early 2018.








Boulder, Colorado

August 10 and 11, 2017

Register and get more details. http://www.trueconnect.biz/consciouscontractscolorado

Today’s innovative business leaders want to make sure their companies do well, and do good for everyone they touch. These conscious business leaders often see a big disconnect between maintaining strong relationships with their stakeholders and the tools the legal system gives them to resolve disputes. Conscious Contracts are about closing that disconnect.  – Glenn Meier





September 7-9, 2017

Annual conference of the Global Collaborative Law Council, Tampa

Presentation: Conscious Contracts offer a new approach to negotiating & drafting contracts, allowing the parties to express their shared vision, mission & values, & giving the parties a new framework for handling disputes, one that allows them to stay aligned with those core principles. These contracts are not weapons to be deployed in a legal battle, they are tools that create space for the parties to come out of conflict together, stronger than before.

For Civil practitioners looking to expand client base or Family practitioners who want to create a more conscious lawyer-client relationships.


Week of September 11, events in Portland TBA.




Center for Human Emergence Salon

2 October: Center for Human Emergence, Salon




October 3 & 5:  Masterclasses with Dialogue and Digna de Bruin

October 4:  The Hague

Mediators Beyond Borders International 10th Anniversary Celebration




The conference planners

October 6:  Amsterdam Conference: Lawyers as Changemakers: (Jouw) Evolutie in het Recht










Creativity of Lawyers Being Unleashed.



October 19:  Conscious Contracts and Design Thinking in Madrid

October 23-24:  Introduction to Integrative Law in Zaragoza

October 27-28:  Conscious Contracts and Design Thinking in Vitoria







Photo is actually from Lake Como (north of Milan)

November 6-11:  Conscious Contracts in Milan

Tentative:  Integrative Law gathering in the UK




November 14 -22.  Details TBA



Plans are underway for an Advanced Conscious Contracts program in the Orlando area in January.


February, 2018   Details will be forthcoming.