Surrender is a fine art that, like any art, requires practice and patience, particularly given the power we’ve already surrendered to our personal will in a vain attempt at flow control. The river has its own destination and will not be dammed. We can choose to relax and float or struggle and sink. The only […]

Prove them wrong

Nov 09, 2016 4:32am Trump Supporters: Please Prove Them Wrong As a traveler, I am well aware that the news is reported differently in different regions and on different stations in the same place. When all you hear is one side of the story, it is easy to get convinced that your version of the […]

A movement in law that is more conscious and compassionate

This is adapted from the script of my TEDx Talk in October, 2016.  I am an integrative lawyer. Did you cringe when I said “lawyer”? Did you think I must be about to tell you about someone I’ve dominated and destroyed?  Calling a lawyer is what you do when enlightenment fails, when you want to […]

Will my ruffled feathers help other lawyers get their ducks in a row?

Part 1:  The Client’s Perspective There is a Facebook meme that says something like:  If a man says he’ll do something, he’ll do it.  No need to remind him every six months about it. Too many lawyers have the same attitude.  Upon learning that I am a lawyer, my uncle’s friend said, “Oh, lawyers.  [Big […]

A love letter from my daughter

Several years ago, my daughter, Ayni, was given a writing assignment in a class.  She wrote the piece below.  Today, she came across it and sent it to me, telling me that it was still true.  She just loves to make me cry.   When She Laughs by Ayni Smith I watched my mother, standing […]