Conscious Contracts: Bringing Purpose and Values into Legal Documents

Conscious Contracts, also known as Values-based Contracts or Integrative Contracts, are a hot topic.  I am asked to teach this topic more than any other and have taught it to law societies, corporate lawyers, big city,small town, and rural lawyers on four continents, so far.  In this short piece, I’ll cover a brief overview of what […]

Legal Systems Change 101

 “Every day 75,000 people die of starvation despite the fact that we have plenty of food for everyone. Our distribution system, our nations, all the different kind of separateness blocks the whole thing. … Simply because we’re badly organized, we not taking care of it.” – Buckminster Fuller   If we’re going to change the […]

Kim’s Vision for Law in 2050

The seeds of the late 1990s and early 2000s have flourished. We are grateful to our pioneers and trailblazers who held this vision and brought it to fruition. Lawyers are now recognized for our true purpose: peacemaking, problem-solving and healing the wounds of the community. Trials are rare and civil. Collaboration, prevention, and transformation are […]

What is Integrative Law?

From, July, 2015  What is Integrative Law?    The Emergence of a New Legal System By  J. Kim Wright Recently, there has been a lot of attention on lawyers and meditation.  Several people have asked me to talk about how meditation is related to the Integrative Law movement.  I have a book coming out that […]