This is a core training of mine that can be entitled several different ways. Lawyers as Peacemakers, Lawyers as Changemakers (or Lawyers as Peacemakers AND Changemakers!) are popular examples.

Depending on the audience, I introduce material about the rapid social change, talk about how law was designed to change slowly (precedent, etc.) but that our times demand a more thoughtful, values-based change. I then introduce the Integrative Law Movement.

I like metaphor as a framework. Sometimes I use the Blind Man’s Elephant to explore the different ways that law is changing but that each is part of a whole.

We explore the pillars of Integrative Law (as set out in my books), the innovative and creative models, and spend some time with the participants imagining how they might practice law according to their own values.

The program can be as short as an hour (though less experiential) or I have led week-long intensives on the topics.