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Kim Wright has worn a lot of hats in the legal profession. She was the founder of two law firms in North Carolina (The Divorce & Family Law Center in Graham, 1995; Healers of Conflicts Law & Conflict Resolution Center in Asheville, 2003.) She also worked as a mediator and paralegal in a law firm called Peacemaking in Portland, Oregon.  Prior to practicing law, she was the executive director of the Sexual & Physical Abuse Resource Center in Florida.

In her law practices, Kim was a pioneer in bringing integrative models to clients. She was an early adopter of mediation and Collaborative Practice and was the Associate Director of the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program where she practiced and trained in restorative justice. She is the co-creator of the Conscious Contracts® model, now available around the world in over 20 languages and is the manager of the community of certified practitioners.

In 2008, Kim closed her law practice to become an advocate for new ways of practicing law. Since then, she has circumnavigated the globe several times. She has taught and trained on six continents, reaching thousands of lawyers.  The CEO of CuttingEdge Law Enterprises, Inc. (a Florida social purpose corporation), she is a central figure in the Integrative Law Movement and manages an ecosystem of practitioners and projects around the world.

The author and co-editor of three American Bar Association books, she has contributed to several books in the US and overseas, and been a regular contributor to several periodicals, including the Conscious Company Magazine, Enlivening Edge, and The Conscious Lawyer Magazine.  She is acquisitions editor for the Integrative Law Press and has been a consultant to several documentary film projects.

Kim is a Senior Fellow at the Project for Integrative Law and Legal Education, Center on Dispute Resolution, Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut, United States, where she also teaches a remote course on Integrative Law Approaches to Negotiation.  She has been an adjunct faculty member at several institutions and has contributed to several law review articles.

Kim is a consultant to the Earth Law Center, a collaborator on the Lawyers as Designers project, and working on a project for Emergent Entrepreneurship.

In 2009, Kim was named as a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association (their designation for legal visionaries). She was twice recognized with the Distinguished Service Award for her alma mater, Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC.

In 2023, she plans to return to law practice.  She has been a member of the North Carolina Bar since 1994.