There is considerable research about a crisis in well-being in the legal profession.  Research shows that lawyers have higher than average rates of substance addiction, suicide, and other dysfunctions. There are a lot of theories about where this stress comes from.  There are just as many theories about what might help alleviate the pain. Applying the most credible research and solutions, Kim offers individual and group coaching, consulting, plus several different workshops.  Here are two examples, pointed toward the two biggest complaints of lawyers:  Too much stress and not enough time.  This related Opinion was published in the American Bar Association Journal.  My book Lawyers as Peacemakers also includes a substantial segment about lawyer well-being.

First Aid Kit for Lawyer StressEmbodied Brain poster2

Time:  2-3 hours

This is a highly interactive and participatory workshop.  It applies the elements of neuroscience and addresses the latest research on stress in legal practice.  It examines how different kinds of stress require different interventions.  We even look at how stress can be a creative generator for positive change.

Participants will create an actual first aid kit to take with them and put in their desks, with individualized contents that are based on effective methods for stress reduction in psychology and neuroscience.

Professors sitting on floor doing a craft project    First Aid Kit

First Aid kit workshop shots Artistic first aid kit

It’s About Time

Alternate Title:  Taming the To-Do List DragonPresentation1

Participants:  Practicing Lawyers, the Busier the Better

Past Offerings:  I transformed my own relationship with time many years ago and wrote about it in my Lawyers as Peacemakers book.  I’ve coached dozens of lawyers and have included this as an element of several workshops. (It pairs nicely with the First Aid Kit.)

Time: 1-3 hours.  (Longer workshops are more impactful as they allow time for application.)

Content:  We live in a culture that glorifies busy and lawyers are the royalty.  Trouble is, we don’t have time to enjoy the adoration of others, we’re stressed out, over-worked, and facing so many demands that our profession has some of the highest statistics for dysfunction of any.   How do we get it done and take care of ourselves?  In this workshop, we will look at the core issues which lead us to over-commit, over-work, and neglect ourselves and our personal lives.  We will discover some tricks and policies that give us control and dominion over our schedules and our lives.  You’ll get practical tools to manage your email, your schedule, your work and life commitments.