Cutting Edge Law Enterprises Media & Editorial Consultant.

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As a recognized expert, I am often asked to be a resource to writers, editors, producers, magazines, television, and radio programs about the holistic/multidisciplinary/ integrative/teal/comprehensive law movement. I have contributed to several books through interviews and occasional ghost-writing of pertinent sections.  I have educated reporters on holistic law, including Christian Science Monitor, People Magazine, the ABA Journal, and many other periodicals, leading to articles in most cases.

As a subject, I often appear in media around the world, always open to an opportunity to share about the integrative law movement.

As press, I have attended and reported on numerous conferences and events I have commented, reviewed, and offered editorial comment to over a dozen books in the field of law, dispute resolution, business, and divorce.

Television & Film-making

Working in a variety of roles, I frequently work with producers in early stages of developing treatments. For example:

  • Background Consultant: In 2003, I was consulted by a producer for Oprah regarding a show on restorative justice. I spent a couple of hours on the telephone educating the producer, laying groundwork for what was eventually a very successful program.
  • Researcher and Episode Producer, Confrontation (documentary series on A&E, also featured on Oprah). Advised and educated producers, screened potential cases for filming. Screening involved meeting with families of murder victims and the killers, ascertaining their suitability for face-to-face dialog. 2006-2007
  • Associate Producer: Veterans Courts: Fallen Heroes Rise Again, a documentary series developed for cable networks. Working with Executive Producer Caroline Maria of Cinemaria, developed the series concept and conducted research on best practices in problem-solving courts with a focus on veterans courts. I interviewed judges and interdisciplinary professionals around the country to determine best practices and designed a treatment for presentation to networks.
  • Consultant:¬†Development of Pro-Se Nation with Emmy-Award Winning Producer MaryLynn Schiavi.
  • Media Consultant and Coach: In 2010, I advised and assisted a colleague in preparing for a visit by the CBS Early Show.