Legal Systems Change 101

Organizing a new crosswalk in the neighborhood or a big social change, leadership is similar and sometimes the effort for big change is the same as the small change.  How do we leverage our time, skills and other resources to be the change we are seeking?

If we’re going to change the legal system or our larger systems, it is helpful to know something about systems theory and systems thinking. My shorthand description of systems thinking is now this:  everything is connected to everything else.  We live in an interconnected, interdependent universe.  A systems thinker sees how things are connected and influence each other.  Beyond that shorthand definition, there is a whole discipline of study about how systems work and tools for system change.

In the world of organizational and social transformation, there are many tools and schools of thought that can be helpful for lawyers who must work inside a rapidly changing legal system.   I will custom-design a workshop that includes a combination of the following tools.

        • Systems Change 101 for Social Change Artists
        • Applied Spiral Dynamics in Law
        • Theory U
        • Appreciative Inquiry as a Tool for Lawyers
        • Reinventing Organizations
        • Integral Theory
        • Cultural Transformation Tools