Introduction to Integrative Law This was a presentation sponsored by Law Essentials, a group of law students and mentors in India.

Upcoming Online training

As most of you now know, I have had to cancel my travels for the foreseeable future. To replace the missed trainings, I am developing online versions, the first of which is starting on March 28. This is the flyer: And for more information, see this:

Reinventing Contracts

This was originally published in the June edition of Law Practice Today. What and who are contracts for? Recently I conducted a very unscientific survey on social media, asking non-lawyers about what a contract is for and asking for comments about their experiences with contracts. For most people, a contract is a long, written document […]

Comic Contracts: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

This was originally published at Enlivening Edge.   “Contract.” What images are conjured for you by the word? For most people, a contract is a long written document with a lot of information no one understands. At least that was true for me in my early years as a lawyer and for most of my […]

Designing Contracts in a New Paradigm

A version of this article was previously posted on LinkedIn. It has been updated and edited for this site. For several years, my most popular course has been the Conscious Contracts Masterclass. It takes the new thinking of business – conscious business, values approaches – and incorporates ideas social technology from spiral dynamics, Reinventing Organizations, […]

Reflections on Being a Philanthropist

2018 is a milestone year for me. It is the ten year anniversary of being a ‘legal nomad’ travelling in service of systemic change in the legal profession. It’s also my 60th birthday. Both of these milestones are cause for reflection and asking ‘What’s next?’ Reflecting… Ten years ago I gave up my house and […]

The Day the Canvas Was Wiped Clean

I was in an exciting time of transition and creation of a new life. I was about to start my first job as a lawyer. For weeks, I had been talking to the two partners of a law firm in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We’d met and I had picked out one of their spare offices. We planned […]